$3.1 Billion Lost To Elder Fraud In 2022

Elder Fraud Task Force Shows How Collaboration Is a Key Tool in Fight Against Scammers

An elderly lady shared an unfortunate episode with investigators about how an imposter caller represented themselves as her granddaughter seeking emergency monetary assistance worth almost $80k when they discovered drugs found in a vehicle borrowed by the former. Sadly, senior citizens are predominantly targeted by such expensive cons enacted by scammers.
The Elder Fraud Task Force (EFTF), an FBI-led coalition comprising various law enforcement agencies is engaged vigilantly in quashing elder financial exploitation crimes via data-proven methodologies. EFTF employs various techniques and strategies to help recover massive losses incurred by vulnerable elders in devious money trials.

Today, EFTF has dedicated resources that impart extensive knowledge modules on different scams targeting the elderly population and how to preserve oneself from engaging with crooks. Additionally, EFTF also plays a critical role in uncovering crime nets guilty of executing elder fraud activities while recovering their loot accompanied by canceling their operations. This task force is an invaluable resource that provides necessary assistance to senior citizens who fell prey to fraud activities and offers prompt support and guidance towards prevention as well as recovery measures related to elder fraud episodes.

It’s important to avoid sharing sensitive personal information like Social Security numbers or bank account details unless absolutely necessary- confirm authenticity first before proceeding. Build strong passwords that are hard to guess and make sure they’re updated frequently in order to improve your overall online security. Be wary of clicking on links embedded within emails or text messages- if uncertain about their legitimacy then avoid clicking whatsoever.

Ensure that all computer software is fully up to date too as these updates tend to include crucial security patches designed exactly for virus/malware protection. By educating yourself regarding elder fraud and cybersecurity risks you can take proactive steps towards preventing close family or friends from becoming victims of cybercrime.

Visit fbi.gov/elderfraud for more information on this subject matter.