Former Apple Employee Steals Trade Secrets, Indicted

A former Apple employee, Weibao Wang, has been indicted by a federal grand jury for theft and attempted theft of trade secrets related to autonomous systems.

Weibao Wang’s indictment made it apparent how former employees pose potential threats with the alleged theft and attempted theft of autonomous systems trade secrets.

U.S Attorney Ismail J.Ramsey announced these charges together with FBI Special Agent Robert K.Tripp.
Wang joined Apple in March 2016 as a software engineer specializing in designing hardware/software for Apple’s autonomous systems teams signing confidentiality agreements and receiving IP guidelines instructing him not to transmit or transfer any proprietary information without Apple’s consent.
Despite the training received, large amounts of confidential information surfaced at Weibao’s new employer, a US-based subsidiary of a Chinese self-driving car company.

Upon investigation, authorities found evidence of them allegedly breaking 18 U.S.C §1832(a)(1),(2),(3),& (4) guidelines under six categories which led to his recent indictment.
U.S Attorney Ramsey expressed how crucial it is to prosecute such cases securing innovation legally for those who create it built into this instance by Disruptive Technology Taskforce while focusing on ensuring economic security through intellectual property rights protection essential with regions known globally for creativity and ideas.
FBI Special Agent Tripp mirrored similar thoughts highlighting the importance of protecting intellectual property rights given regions’ recognition worldwide as origination hubs while streamlining legal principles.